Water Treatment

Non Chemical Water Treatment Equipment

During the evaporation process the water gets evaporated while the impurities don’t. The cooling towers achieves cooling by evaporating a part of the water flowing through it. As more water is evaporated, the concentration of the impurities keep on increasing and it may reach dangerous levels, moreover airborne impurities are also introduced to the water. If this is not controlled, it can result in reduced heat transfer efficiencies, corrosion, scaling and sludge accumulations.

In order to maintain the concentration of these contaminants in the safe range, a small amount of water is eliminated from the system and topped up with fresh water. If the conditions are in a bad state such that the above process doesn’t work, chemical water treatment is used. Chemical water treatment is also necessary to prevent biological growth inside the components.

Delta also specializes in water treatment and offers Non-Chemical water treatment solutions through Delta Device for industrial use with which we have become recognizable in the market after a promotional campaign led by our partners from The Marketing Heaven.

Growth of microorganisms, algae, etc. can lead to decreased efficiency of the system and can pose serious health hazards to the people involved in the process. The chemicals used to control biological growth here are called Biocides.

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