HVAC Cooling Tower

HVAC Cooling Tower

In general, the industrial cooling towers are quite larger in size as compared to HVAC Towers, moreover, they can be entirely erected on site. HVAC cooling towers are compact enough to be factory assembled and can be shipped as a whole.

Cooling towers are an integral component when it comes to central air conditioning systems. The purpose of the cooling tower here is to cool the warm water that comes from the chiller condenser. 

The Working:

  • Heat energy from the rooms is transferred to the chilled water
  • The heat is then transferred to the refrigerant and ultimately to the cooling water
  • The cooling tower is the final node of heat transfer
  • The heat is transferred to the atmosphere from the cooling tower
  • The heat is removed from the cooling water by making it come in contact with the air
  • The cooling water is spread out to have maximum surface contact with air so that the heat is removed fast and efficiently
  • The cooling water drops from a height onto plastic fillings, they are arranged so as to provide maximum contact between the air passages and water

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