Heat Exchangers

Heat Exchanger

The function of a heat exchanger is to transfer heat between 2 mediums(fluids) to maintain certain temperature levels. The fluids might be single or two phase based on the type of heat exchanger and applications. These media may be in direct or indirect contact with each other.

Advantages of a heat exchanger:

  • Increase system efficiency by transferring the undesirable heat energy to a place where it is desirable or by just extracting it and transferring it into the atmosphere.
  • Cost Saving for industries by reducing maintenance costs and machine breakdown costs
  • Increased safety for workers and machines by keeping everything in the safe temperature range which is achieved by keeping gas, chemicals, machinery, and even air in a safe operating temperature range.

Heat exchangers are widely found in most industries, moreover, have a wide range of applications. They are one of the most cost-effective cooling systems used by far to enhance safety, efficiency and reduce maintenance and downtime costs.

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