Cooling Tower: Backbone of Industrial process

Cooling Tower

Cooling towers are mainly used for various industrial purposes such as HVAC, Power generation, plastic industry, chemical industry, Pharma, and many other process industries.  Cooling towers are known for their cost-effectiveness and energy efficiency operations for cooling.

Cooling towers use the principle of evaporative cooling to cool a circuit of flowing water. As the water cools down, some of it gets away in the form of  water vapour. 

Delta Cooling Towers Pvt. Ltd. is a distinguished manufacturer of various types of cooling towers in India since 1993. Delta has special expertise in producing world-class Cooling Towers in Induced Draft designs. Delta‚Äôs all cooling towers are of counter flow type, which is considered to be best among all principles of operations. 

Delta provides innovative solutions of customized towers, with an uncompromising business vision. Delta is specialized in manufacturing pultruded cooling towers as per customers’ site location and requirements.

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  1. Offcourse! Cooling Tower is a back bone for any industry.Cooling towers, used to reduce the heat of circulating water used to cool industrial processes and HVAC systems throughout the world

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