Industrial Pipe Fittings

Industrial Fittings

Valves and Industrial pipe fittings”, which include strainers, pumps, Gauges, Meters, and regulators, but also flanges seals and gaskets, are necessary for the conveyance of gas, fluids, or free-flowing solids through pipelines. Valves and related fittings are required in practically all areas of life and must often meet high requirements. 

Corresponding to the respective application or purpose, these components are produced according to various design principles in the most diverse range of sizes and render their services among others in industrial plants, agriculture, private households, heating and sanitary technology.

Valves and their associated fittings have to function safely and reliably and, in many cases, must do so under the strictest operating conditions. In this connection the physical and chemical properties of the media conveyed play an important role, as does their fluid behaviour, which can also include impact-stress and of course high pressure, extreme temperatures and/or aggressive and corrosive media, which can play a significant, active role within and outside the valves and fittings.

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