Increase your cooling tower efficiency: 3 Easy Steps

Cooling Tower Efficiency

Cooling tower efficiency is a parameter that will indirectly affect the efficiency of all the processes going on in your industry, be it HVAC, process, steel, Diesel Generator Set or Plastic Moulding. Cooling towers take the heat out of the hot water and transfer it to the atmosphere. To understand the concept of cooling tower efficiency it is important to know parameters like approach and range first. We will go through all these parameters extensively in this blog.

Must know terminologies for cooling tower efficiency:


The loss of cooling water that happens when water droplets are lost to the atmosphere. Tese water droplets go to the atmosphere with the air that comes from below. Due to this water is lost from the cooling tower and it has to be refilled. This is not the water lost due to evaporation.

Concentration :

Increase in solids per unit volume of solution. Since water is lost due to evaporation and drift, concentration increases. This process is called concentration.

Blow Down :

Blow down is the removal of high mineral concentration water from the cooling tower and replacing it with fresh water at the same time. This helps in maintaining the right concentration of water in the cooling tower system.

Evaporation Loss :

When the cooling tower is in operation, some water evaporates into the atmosphere because of the air and hot inlet water. 

Drift eliminators :

To prevent water loss from the water droplets that are drifted in the air, drift eliminators are installed in cooling towers. 

Exhaust Air :

The mixture of any gases, air and water droplets that leave the cooling tower is the exhaust air.


To make sure the even distribution of hot water in the cooling tower for efficient cooling to take place nozzles are used. They help in distributing the hot water to a larger surface area.

Cooling Tower Approach Temperature:

The approach is the temperature of the water leaving the cooling tower  minus the ambient wet bulb temperature. 

Makeup water:

The water that is added in the cooling tower to compensate for the loss of water due to evaporation and drifting.

Cooling tower efficiency Calculations:

Cooling Tower Efficiency = {(H.W.T.) – (C.W.T.)} x 100/{(H.W.T. – W.B.T.)}

H.W.T= Hot Water Temperature

C.W.T.= Cold Water Temperature

W.B.T.= Wet Bulb Temperature

Another way to calculate the cooling tower efficiency is:

Cooling Tower Efficiency= Range/(Range + Approach)

Ways to increase the efficiency of your cooling tower:

Regular maintenance:

Following the regular maintenance activities can help you keep your cooling tower functioning and healthy not only in the short run but also in the longer run. It will help you maintain efficiency as well. To read about this extensively please go through our Cooling Tower Maintenance Guide. It covers every aspect of cooling tower maintenance and will help you develop a timeline based checklist tailored to your needs.

Things like repairing and changing pipes with leakage and prevention of scaling in your pipes and equipment can help you in increasing the efficiency of your cooling tower, moreover keeping it healthy.

Recycle Water:

Recycling water is very vital for energy preserving and cost saving here. You need to ensure that the water is being recycled effectively. It improves water efficiency and saves you on other business expenses. It will impact cooling tower efficiency.

Increase Cooling Cycles:

Having a higher number of cooling cycles in your cooling tower can reduce make-up water significantly and also reduce cooling tower blowdown. Usually, cooling towers don’t come in the priority list of equipment but it can be a game-changer in running a plant, increasing efficiency, and decreasing costs.

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